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Accessing heritage information and past client/care leaver files

Barwon Child Youth & Family (BCYF) Records Management Service (RMS) provides the search and release of client information records for people wishing to access their files about the service received from BCYF or its founding organisations.


We also offer supported release of records to former care leavers, accessing information about their stay in orphanages and or children’s homes. This collection of records dates back to 1854.

What we can offer:

• Searches for personal records
• Supported access to records
• Advice about how and where to search for records

Please print relevant form for you below and return it to Barwon Child, Youth & Family with required documentation via email, post or in person.

Click here For Past care leaver client file request – Post 1980 (Contemporary)

For further information or if you have any questions please email recordsmanagement@bcyf.org.au