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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Adult and Family

The Barwon Child, Youth & Family Drug and Alcohol team is funded through two separate sources. The Substance Safe team is funded from federal funds, and focuses on working with the identified substance user and anyone affected by it in the family. This team can link the substance user in the family with the Drug treatment System. Substance Safe also has the potential to case manage substance users in the short term.

Art Therapy is also offered within the Substance Safe team, and typically this is offered to young people affected by a care-givers substance use. Art Therapy is a counselling style that uses creative resources as a method for people to explore thoughts, feelings and memories. We hope that people accessing the Art Therapy program will increase their capacity to understand the world around them and manage their internal emotions.

For Families struggling with the effects of their loved one's drug and alcohol addiction, a Family Therapist can also be accessed through the Substance Safe Program. A family can play a central role in the treatment of any health problem, including substance abuse. Family Therapy enables family members to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other's experiences and appreciate each other's needs. Family Therapy uses the strengths of families to build stronger, more effective relationships within the family.

To access any of these support services, provided by Barwon Child, Youth & Family, individuals, families or other services , can send through a referral or call the Linkages worker or Team Leader of Substance Safe, via ph: (03) 5222 6911. The team can also be contacted through email at AODsupport@bcyf.org.au

BCYF operates in a partnership with Stepping UP to deliver a suite of adult AOD programs including counselling, care and recovery coordination and non-residential withdrawal.  To access support from the Stepping UP consortium call Barwon Health Access on 1300 094 187 or Stepping Up Barwon partnership on 1300 022 293. 

For more information download our Alcohol and Other Drugs Support brochure.

Youth Engagement and Outreach Program

Alcohol and other drug outreach options

Based on a social model of health which is holistic, assertive, flexible and health-promoting, this service provides alcohol and other drug education and outreach support to young people (12 -25) in the Geelong and Surf Coast region. The program is able to assist young people through supported referral to access other appropriate treatment options.

Youth Outreach (Forensic) is also provided to young people on Court orders that are assessed as requiring AOD treatment. Referrals to this service are through ACSO COATS and Youth Justice Programs.

Funded by St John of God, and the Department of Health.

For all AOD intake enquiries contact 1300 02 2293 or email aodintake@bcyf.org.au